Julie is a Public Speaker, Podcaster, Energy Practitioner

and author of 13 books!

In 2004 she had her first near death experience at the age of 31.

She teaches her clients through exposing energy,

through sharing her experiences, dreams, visions and communications from the other side of the veil.

She is gifted, clairvoyant, claireaudient, clairsentient,

sincere of heart,

full of life and love for everyone!

With her whole heart Julie enjoys helping others to

open and heal their hearts. Her dream is to bring together

the soul family of all races and creeds,

throughout the planet and universe.

You will love experiencing these events!

They are incredible and life changing!



Speaking Event with Julie Barnett

Come Connect with Your Soul Family in

Harmony and Healing!

APRIL 6, 2024

1:00-5:00 P.M. AGES 12+

Enjoy the full day speaking event and

party for Just~$468 !

Register before April 1 with code HEARTS and get $100 off on 2 Full Day-Speaking Event and Evening Party!

Have you wondered what it would be like to

clear trauma on multiple levels?

Current Life?

Past Life?

Future Life?

~All of these energies are connected to

personal healing

and the healing of our soul family!

~If you are looking to clear your heart,

remove blocks,

find understanding and your soul purpose,

the time is now to begin your journey!

Feeling the Call?

Join us at

Hearts on Fire

Cinder Creek Event Center

in Nephi Utah!

It will change your life!

See Details Below!

Join us at Cinder Creek Event Center

Located At 22 N. Sheep Ln. Drive Nephi, Utah 84648

What is a group energy Class?

A group energy class clears energy for all in the class. Issues that are cleared and worked on but not limited to are issues with mental health, anxiety, weight loss struggles, marriage and divorce trauma's, relationships issues and miasms in the body.

What you can expect?

  • Group Healing of traumas connected to past, present, and future life

  • Teaching on Soul Groups, Soul Families, Soul Contracts

  • Learn how to clear energy through music and movement

  • Learn how to identify energy blocks in your own system

  • Help clearing energy blocks in your system on multiple levels

  • Healing of heart pain

  • Evening- there will be live music from The Fox Brothers Band

  • Cash Bar, Food Trucks Dancing, Drinks, Food and Fun!

Can't Make it to the Speaking Event? Come to

Country Night

April 6, 2024 from 5:30-11:00 P.M.

$88 Entry for 1

or bring a guest

2 for $88

This amazing evening of music and fun with

The Fox Brothers Band!

Utahs best looking Country Rock Band!

Best known for Shredding Cheese!

  • Cocktail Hour 5:30-6:30

  • Food Trucks

  • Dancing, Cash Bar, Drinks Food and Fun

The Fox Brothers Band

Love all around the World!

Clearing Energy in a group setting is a fun, and a powerful way to connect with your inner child, strengthen your mind, and heart to move through stuck and stagnant energies. Learning with Julie is an experience you won't forget, her Love of all people reaches to the heart where healing begins. It is a journey to be taken with together!

Don't miss it!

For each Epic Journey begins with just one step!

The Time is Now!

What our Guests Have to say About us.....

Phoenix Rising Events are Incredible!

I really enjoyed the White Shanty event in Feb. Just incredible what was offered to kids and adults alike. The experience of connecting with such good people was uplifting and I felt a shift in my own happiness, and freedom to express my own joy of aliveness. Brilliant performers. So much emotion and excitement!I've also participated in the energy work portion of these events and other similar seminars and find myself continually growing and processing through the difficulties of life. Julie really hits home with her smile and attitude. Never a dull moment and always challenging us to find ourselves, connect within and build a relationship with Father/Mother. I will forever be grateful for the mountains that have been moved and the chains broken on my behalf. What an incredible example we have in her of true freedom. Love you Julie! ~Afton


The Power of True Healing

"FINALLY and AT THE ELEVENTH (plus) HOUR. After 26+ years of studying, receiving and applying myriad different healing modalities, energy healing techniques, and theories, from organized religion to personal meditation and everything in between, FINALLY, a legit healer. Her name is Julie Barnett. The ONLY ONE I have found who can help me truly heal my s**t, PERMANENTLY. All other healers I have met have had their own agenda, and (sometimes without my permission) I found myself carrying their crap instead of healing my own. Not so with Julie. HERS IS THE ONLY SAFE SPACE FOR HEALING I HAVE FOUND. She truly cares about her clients, and lovingly provides exactly what is needed. It's not always pretty, it IS always the truth. I thank God every day for Julie Barnett and her work."

Love you! Staci Turner

Client since first attended live event, July 20, 2019


I Keep Expanding!

I have attended many in-person Julie Barnett events over the last 5 years. I keep going because I keep learning... Learning truths that no one else has taught, learning who I really am and how to be a sovereign individual, learning things that are yet to come and what I can do about it. I keep being healed, keep getting rid of false information, keep overcoming control of other people over my heart, space, and life, keep discovering how to become something better, someone who can ascend to a higher level.For instance, at the 2024 Phoenix Rising Event, on February 9th and 10th, I was cleared of some traumas, self-worth issues, physical issues, and falsehoods. I felt a personal energy boost and empowerment from Julie, and also from others at the event and its unique aspects and fun offerings. I also experienced the opportunity to freely add my own part, as I helped with the Games & Activities. Julie's events are cumulative, never repetitive, and keep expanding forward and upward. I can only say positive things about them!!!



Phoenix is Rising Events loves sponsoring

and bringing to our community

the beauty and love of all people.

Come experience the Love, Joy
and Unity of bringing the soul family

of allcultures,

races and creeds together.

We can't wait to celebrate with you

the healing of our hearts!

Events are to benefit emergency

disaster relief-

GTRF Donations 501c3

Questions? Contact: [email protected]

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