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Phoenix Rising Events

Brings You

Now We Rise!

a 3 day Event Celebrating better Days Ahead!

July 26th, 27th and 28th

At Sage Canyon Barn

in Fountain Green Utah.

This July in Sanpete County,

Julz Energy and Phoenix Rising Events is bringing a 3 day fundraising event to Sage Canyon Barn!

Now WE Rise is a three day event of soul healing for the entire human family!

This amazing opportunity to come together with people from everywhere, who believe in the potential

of the human family

to love, to change,

and to heal!

At the center and bringing

all of us together

in unity is Julz.

Julz is a woman with

her own story to


Rising above the

ashes in life

and still keeping a

love for all within

her heart!

She inspires all to heal

their hearts,

to love ourselves

and others.

She teaches

how to overcome the

obstacles that have broken our hearts,

to help us rise up,

to overcome and create

a better tomorrow!

Come and see for yourself the beauty

of learning to rise from the ashes!

Learn more below!

Held at the Sage Canyon Barn in

Fountain Green Utah!

Featuring The Williams Brothers Friday Night!!


Start your better tomorrow now!

Come Hear Julz Speak from

6:30- 7:30 PM on

July 26, 2024!

Then have a blast dancing to the

amazing Williams Brothers Band!

They will be playing from

8PM.-12 AM.

It's going to be amazing!

Only $30.00

On Saturday from 1-4 PM

Julz will be speaking!

Come learn more from

this amazing woman!

Julz teaches her students how to identify and rise above

the core energies that are holding them back

She has had many near death experiences,

many betrayals and heartbreaks.

Yet through it all

she still continues to rise

above it all!

Julz teaches her students

how they can overcome

personal heartbreaks to0!

She is truly inspirational,

motivational and inspires

true change and healing.

You can hear her speak

in Fountain Green.

July 27 from 1-4pm.

Tickets for this amazing Speaking Event and Energy Clearing class are only $166.00

The Fox Brothers Saturday Night!


July 27, 2024!

Julz will be speaking from

6:30-7:30 PM

Along with Cocktails, Drinks and Snacks

Followed by live music by

The Fox Brothers from

8 PM.-12 AM.

Tickets are only $30!

Can't Make it on Saturday?!

Come on Sunday!

Julz is speaking from

1-4 PM

Come learn more from

this amazing woman!

Tickets for Sunday Speaking Event are an amazing $66.00!

Casey Stickley

of Second Echo

Sunday Night Events!

July 28, 2024!

5-7 Cocktails

7-8 Speaking Event by Julz

8 PM.-12 AM. Casey of Second Echo


Gonna Be a Blast!

Do you Love Music, Dancing, and bringing

Rescue and Relief to others!

Come hear our Epic Line Up of Music,

sip your favorite drink and dance!


in Fountain Green Utah

July 26, 27, and 28th 2024

The whole weekend event is being offered for the low price of


These Events are not only amazing and fun, but all proceeds go to help with Human rescue efforts for emergency disaster relief.

Help bring emergency Relief and Rescue

With A Fundraiser to benefit...

The Greater tomorrow Relief Fund...

A 501c3 Nonprofit...

This Event is Sponsored By

Phoenix Rising Events.

All Proceeds to help with Human rescue efforts For Emergency Disaster Relief.

Bring a donation if you can!

If you can Help out

Cash Donations Are also Needed

Hi! I'm Julz

Get to know Julz!

Julie is an author, a podcaster, a teacher, an Energy Practicioner, and the Founder Of The Greater Tomorrow Relief Fund (GTRF) a 501c3 non-profit organization. GTRF is founded for emergency disaster relief and human rescue. She has also founded the following for profit companies which support GTRF, Julie Barnett Energy, Scapegoat Distribution, Scapegoat Trucking, Scapegoat Supply, Wasatch Wakeup, Phoenix Rising Events and Wake Up Adventures. She anticipates more startup companies to come in 2024.

Julie has lived in Utah, Texas, California, Washington, New Jersey, Hawaii, New York, Germany, Virginia, Kansas, Arizona, and Iowa.

 She is well traveled having been to several Hawaiian Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and all but 2 states in the United States.

She hopes to travel worldwide to share her message and help save lives.

She enjoys the outdoors, working to help those in need, socializing with friends and family, and doing energy work.

You can reach Julie by email at [email protected].

All proceeds go to The Greater Tomorrow Relief Fund (GTRF) to help with human rescue efforts for emergency disaster relief a 501c3 Non-Profit.


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